Hi folks! Last weekend was the East Side Culture Crawl, the event of open Studios in Vancouver, I didn’t sell lots of paintings but had a great time, hundreds of people walked through my studio and the loved my stuff... Was good to experience the reaction the audience to my new series, especially the Blue one.. 

This oil on canvas painting is the view from my studio washroom, the room itself isn't great, industrial grade, hot in summer and cold in winter, only one sink, so sometimes we have to wait, even to wash hands... but the view is , the gorgeous Vancouver skyline, I used that view. In other paintIngs later, but that was my first, in fact, my first painting ever of Vancouver!

Today finally my website  is live, although I would like to add more stuf here, I'm interestred in art classes, art demostrrations, I would like to offer services as art rental or commissions, as an educator, I'll posting here in the future art in the making step by step, hoping tha some people or art lovers will be interested in painting or just watching how a piece of art in made, Happy Friday everyone!!

Some tourist in Havana asked me to paint his car with a background  from Havana, So I put the Malecon and the Morro Castle and emblematic lighthouse on the background.

Good morning fellow artist, I'm excited about my new websit, I'm now at my day job, but eager to go back to my studio and get creative, can't wait to share experiences here, to show some art in its process of creation, to tells stories about my pieces, I want to get busy here, share my experience as an artist from the island of Cuba... stay creative my friends !! Cheers!!!

 First thing I want to say is hi! I'm glad to be here, building a website by my self for the first time, thanks to, happy to be part of the artists community online, hoping to exchange ideas and comments with the fellow artist here!

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