Artist Statement

Artist statement 


 My work is a tribute to jazz music, musicians and dancers, to the  decayed architecture, the beauty found in


the "ugly", in the old broken walls, dark alleyways, old crumbling buildings and houses, electric posts and


wires… Often there is mix of both subjects in a painting.


 In my over 30 years of career as an artist, my style has changed and is constantly changing and developing,


facing and overcoming new challenges, lately images of Vancouver and other areas of BC are getting into my


work, that started with the series "Vancouver Through Cuban Windows". Now I'm adding Rustic Strings Instruments made of wood and fishing lines into the mix.


   My mission as an artist, who thinks that my purpose is to serve, is mostly to use my work to transmit a


feeling of goodness and happiness through colours and images, I try to add some beauty to the universe.

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